Best Female choreographer in India

Almost every film industry in the country is highly dependant on dances and songs for their films, as Indian films are always made with a lot of genres packed into a single film. The Indian film industry never strayed away from its dance and song format and continues to follow it even now, despite the many criticisms. And while it receives criticism for this format, it is also one of the main reasons why Indian films are loved.

We have a lot of male choreographers in the industry, who choreograph dance movements for both males and females, but there are always some songs that require a female understanding gaze, which is when female choreographers come into the picture. In the current generation, the number of female choreographers has increased very much, and the dance movements of the leading ladies in films have also improved accordingly.

Of all the female choreographers in India, Saroj Khan can be named as the best choreographer, without a second thought, considering her contribution to the Indian film industry, the number of films she worked for, and the actors that she worked with. Saroj Khan has worked the most with Madhuri Dixit, and almost every song of theirs turned out to be a blockbuster success. She not only worked in Bollywood but also choreographed a few songs in the South industries as well, in Telugu and Tamil. Saroj’s most recent work before her death includes Kalank and Manikarnika.

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