Best Entertainment YouTube Channels in Telugu

As the times are changing at a fast pace, YouTube has been emerging as the platform for many entertainment providing YouTubers. Especially, in Telugu and in Hyderabad, we have some best channels which are providing entertainment to the viewers in their own style.

1) Mahathalli

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Mahathalli is one of the finest YouTubers of Telugu, who is known for making short funny videos. The real name of this reputed YouTuber is Jahnavi Dasetty. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Jahnavi did her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT College, New Delhi. Initially, she did a few short films and settled as a full-time entertainment provider and doing YouTube videos in collaboration with Tamada Media. Mahathalli has 1.88 million subscribers for her YouTube channel.

2) Chicago Subbarao

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Being the brainchild of three youngsters, Harish Dasari, Prudhvi Raj Sampara and Praneeth Ramasagaram, the YouTube channel brings the issues faced by NRIs in a funny and creative way.

All the video content available on the channel is very much relatable to the Indians living in the USA.

3) Shanmukh Jaswanth

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Shanmukh Jaswanth Kandregula is one of the popular YouTubers in Telugu. He is known for his dance movements. Fondly known as Shannu, the YouTubers is popular with his web series’ such as Software DevLOVEper, Surya.

Shannu has 3.91 subscribers on YouTube and even has a massive fan following on Instagram and other social media platforms.


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With more than 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, VIVA channel had taken the internet by storm with a debut short movie. The channel is known for providing entertainment content based on youngsters.

Even noted faces like Harsha, Shanmukh Jaswanth made their YouTube debut with VIVA, a short film. Later, the channel name has been changed to VIVA.

5) Hyderabad Diaries

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Hyderabad Diaries YouTube channel showcases the culture and people of the city of Hyderabad to the viewers.

The channel was officially started by Sharukh Khan and Abrar Khan in 2010 and has been providing rib-tickling entertainment to subscribers in typical Hyderabadi Urdu mix Hindi language.

6) Wirally

wirally team

Having more than 1.4 million subscribers, Wirally is one of the popular YouTuber channels in Telugu which prominently focuses on the new-age youthful entertainment. The YouTube channel has even produced web content such as Geetha Subramanyam, Sotari Brothers, Beauty And The Boss and many more original series’ in collaboration with Tamada Media.

7) Dhethadi

harika alekhya

Dhethadi YouTube channel has Dhethadi Harika making videos about her daily activities in a funny and entertaining manner. Having more than 1.88 million subscribers, the content on Dhethadi channel is being bankrolled by Tamada Media.

Dhethadi Harika’s new web series, Evandoi Owner Garu that is released recently on the channel has been receiving a superb response from the viewers.

8) Chai Bisket

chai bisket team

Having more than 833K subscribers, Chai Bisket is widely known for making original drama series’. The YouTube channel even make special shows with Tollywood stars.

The recent outing from the entertainment channel, 30 Weds 21 has been receiving positive feedback from the subscribers.

9) Runway Reel

runway ree

Having more than 463K subscribers, the YouTube channel has been gaining popularity among the netizens with each passing day.

Started almost a decade back, the YouTube channel is known for making short films and web series’. For the past couple of years, Ranway Reel has been bankrolled web content in association with Tamada Media.

10) iQLIK


Earlier, iQLIK used to take interviews with film celebrities. Eventually, the YouTube channel has started producing short films.

Having more than 700K subscribers, iQLIK YouTube channel’s last short film is First Date with LB Sriram in the key role.

11) Girl Formula

girl formula

Having more than 1.45 million subscribers, YouTube channel Girl Formula has been producing web content in collaboration with Chai Bisket.

A few of the web outings from the YouTube channel include 30 Weds 21, Jaathi Rathnalu Ammailu Aithey?, Sisters among others.