Best Entertainment YouTube Channels in Tamil

YouTube is one of the most prominent forms of entertainment for people in the modern generation, with a lot of original content being produced on YouTube on a daily basis. Every Indian language has a number of channels that deal with a number of topics that provide the audiences with amazing entertainment. These channels include content based on films, technology, automobiles, etc. Here’s a look at some of the best YouTube entertainment channels in Tamil.

Top 10 Best Tamil YouTube Channels List

1. Village cooking channel

1 best entertainment youtube channels in tamil

This channel was started on 25th April 2018 and recently reached nearly 1 crore subscribers, becoming the first non-corporate channel in Tamil to gain that many subscribers. The channel focuses on some really authentic Tamil dishes, including urban and local dishes that were never heard of previously. The naturalness with which the videos are presented makes this channel endearing.

2. Behindwood TV

2 best entertainment youtube channels in tamil

Behindwoods TV is the second most subscribed channel in Tamil, with 73.3 lakh subscribers. This channel focuses on everything that is related to cinema, mostly focusing on cinema news pertaining to Kollywood (Tamil Film Industry) and its actors, but also talking about other language film industries, whenever required.

3. Micset

3 best entertainment youtube channels in tamil

Youth are the people that mostly consume YouTube content or any other content, and whichever channel focuses on content that resonates with the current generation’s youth. Micset is owned by a group of friends who keep making fun videos and web series that entertain the audiences thoroughly. Micset has 64.3 lakh subscribers.

4. Madan Gowri

4 best entertainment youtube channels in tamil

With more than 1300 videos on his YouTube channel, Madan Gowri is the sole creator of his channel and has more than 49 lakh subscribers. A variety of content is created by Madan Gowri on his channel, which deals with a number of concepts from different angles. Sometimes focusing on facts and sometimes on speculations, Madan Gowri entertains his audiences with his own angle and point of view to everything he chooses to speak about.

5. Village Food Factory

5 best entertainment youtube channels in tamil

Another channel that focuses on the rural food of Tamil Nadu, Village Food Factory, is owned by Arumugam, who presents a number of interesting dishes in each of his videos. Village Food Factory has over 44.6 Lakh subscribers and more than 300 videos. Viewers tune into the channel to look at the various interesting dishes that Arumugam presents them with.

7. Madras Samayal

7 best entertainment youtube channels in tamil

Yet another cooking channel, Madras Samayal, enjoys more than 46 Lakh subscribers, and the channel is dedicated to various dishes, both rural and urban, that are available all over Tamil Nadu. Not just that, it also gives you a look into other cuisines from all over India and the world as well, including savouries and sweets, never failing to make you want to eat what you see.

8. Black sheep

8 best entertainment youtube channels in tamil

Black Sheep is one of the most entertaining channels on YouTube, where audiences can watch content on a number of things, including real-life incidents, award functions, films, dramas, comedies and lots of other things. Black Sheep has more than earned its huge number of subscribers, considering its entertainment values.

9. Nakkalites

9 best entertainment youtube channels in tamil

Nakkalities is an out and out entertaining channel on YouTube, which discusses various topics, all of which are very relatable. For example, they have a very entertaining set of videos that speak to audiences of different kinds. With more than 37 Lakh subscribers, it’s no wonder that Nakkalites are one of the leading Tamil YouTube channels.

10. Parithabangal

10 best entertainment youtube channels in tamil

Parithabangal, too, is one of the topmost YouTube Tamil channels, where a lot of topics are covered in their videos. With over 30 Lakh subscribers, Parithabangal has more than earned its place in this list, with its amazing content on YouTube, which never fails to impress its viewers.