10 Best Crime Investigation Thrillers In Tollywood

Crime Investigation movies are one of the most selling genres in world cinema. There are a number of excellent crime investigation thrillers and Tollywood is not much behind in this category. Crime Investigation films are such that you shouldn’t miss a single detail. Here are the best crime investigation movies that are made in Tollywood over the years.

  • Agent Sai Srinivasa Atreya

1 Agent Sai Srinivasa Atreya

This is one of the rarest gems in Tollywood in recent times. Naveen Polishetty has excelled in the role of a detective who is struggling to make a mark. What will he do when he has to face one of the biggest crimes in the state? Every single detail in the investigation process impresses you so much. RSJ Swaroop is the director of the movie. It is Naveen Polishetty who has contributed in the screenplay department along with the director. Mark K Robin’s background music is an added advantage for the movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, then this is one of the films that you should watch it on a high priority basis.


  • Chantabbai

2 Chantabbai

Can an investigation be fun? If your answer is no, then you haven’t watched one of the masterpieces in this genre. Jandhyala’s mark comedy laced with intelligent screenplay and Chiranjeevi’s antics makes this film a must-watch. Detective James Pond investigates who is Chantabbai in the film and the links he finds leads to an unexpected twist. There is a hard-hitting message at the end too. Comedy in this movie is evergreen which we can watch several times and the fun factor level doesn’t go down even by an inch.


  • Khakee

3 Khakee

One of the most truthful to the genre films in recent times. Karthi’s performance in this movie is on another level. Vinoth has worked hard for the script for years and it can be seen onscreen. An ordinary cop is on a mission to find the most brutal killings and robberies the state has ever seen. How far can the cop go to find them and what is in store for him. What does he achieve by solving all the missing dots and catching the culprits? This is one of the hard-hitting crime investigation dramas. We bet that you don’t get disappointed with this movie.


  • Evaru

4 Evaru

Wow, can be the only word that comes out of your mind after watching the film. Evaru is one of the most mind-bending scripts you ever come across. Adopting a movie and making changes to the script can’t be better than this. It is one of the rare movies where remake seems to much better than the original. The fun fact is the original is a blockbuster. For those who don’t know Evaru is adapted from Bollywood hit movie Pink which in turn is adapted from the Spanish film The Invisible Guest. Adivi Sesh is the backbone for the movie and he excelled.


  • Rakshasudu

5 Rakshasudu

Christopher can be termed as one of the deadliest villains we will ever see onscreen. The amount of fear he creates among the audiences and the characters onscreen is the same. Background music for Rakshasudu needs a special mention. Ghibran’s BGM can be lauded as one of the best. Rakshasudu is a truthful remake to Tamil blockbuster Ratsasan. Serial killings of teenage school girls shock the city and our hero is on a mission to find the culprit. Right from the beginning to the end, Rakshasudu will impress you to the core.


  • 118


Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s 118 is one of the best investigation movies. The difference between the other investigation ones and this is that in 118, investigation happens through the clues hero collects from a common dream which comes in his sleep at a particular time when he sleeps at a particular place. Kalyan Ram has neatly played the role. CInematographer KV Guhan has turned director for this flick.


  • Kshanam

7 Kshanam

Adivi Sesh and thrillers go hand in hand. Crime Investigation is an integral part of Adivi Sesh’s movies. Investigation in Kshanam impresses you from the word go. Suspense is maintained neatly until the end. Director Ravikanth Perepu and Adivi Sesh’s screenplay is impressive. When the world doesn’t believe in what you are saying, when the world questions your loved one’s identity, when there is no hope left what will you do? Watch it if you haven’t.


  • Arjun Suravaram

8 Arjun Suravaram

When you are being blamed for a crime that you didn’t do and being cornered from all sides, Will you rise to the occasion? Well, Arjun Suravaram can. An investigative journalist finds himself in a deep crime of fake educational loan and certificate scam. How he unearths the actual scam in order to prove his innocence is narrated in a quite interesting way. T. Santhosh has handled the direction beautifully. Arjun Suravaram eased Nikhil so much that he has bounced back hard after a string of flops.


  • HIT

9 Hit

HIT is an investigative drama that has undergone lots of research in the scripting stage itself. Nani has produced this movie while Vishwak Sen is the lead role. Sailesh Kolanu has debuted as the director of this movie. HIT the first case deals with a peculiar case of two identical kidnaps. Vikram Rudraraju, our protagonist is a Police Officer in the crime investigation department. When a girl goes missing, he doesn’t understand the nature of the crime. But when his girlfriend to goes missing in a similar way, then he feels that there is connection between the two cases. HIT climax will surprise you. Now there is a sequel coming in for this project.


  • Anveshana

10 Anveshana

This list is not complete with this movie. Serial killings in the name of a Tiger happens in a village and a police officer comes in the disguise of a manager to a rich man. He starts to solve the case and solves one puzzle after the other. A police officer finds out that the killings are not by a Tiger but by a human. Though made in the 1980s, Anveshana is one of the best crime investigation thrillers of all time in Tollywood. Anveshana is one of the best works of Vamsy.


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