Best Choreographer In India

Choreographers play a highly important role in Indian films, as dance and songs form the heart of a film. Whether duets or situational, songs are a major part of every Indian Film, no matter what language, and these songs, while visualised by the director of that film, are given life to, by the choreography of the choreographer.

There are tens of choreographers in India, if not hundreds, and while it is impossible to point a finger at who the best choreographer is, in so many choreographers, there’s always that one song and its choreography that steals the show. Immaculate choreography comes from immaculate dancers, and also the right kind of music.

For the longest time, Prabhudeva has been known as India’s Michael Jackson, and is still known that way, despite many other exceptional dancers emerging in the Indian film industry. While Prabhudeva is currently focused on directing films, he does choreograph songs every now and then. The moves he choreographs are not only stylish, but also sophisticated, bringing in a lot of elegance along with it. Prabhudeva has worked with all top stars in the industry, and every best dancer in the country has always admittedly dreamt of working with him. Here’s hoping he works on more songs and for more films.

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