Best Break Up Songs from Telugu Movies

When you are just plain sad and the memories of a loved one hit you like a thunderbolt to push into the abyss of sadness further and further, you need a list of songs to relax or share that sadness with. Not always people hear you and they cannot always be there for you. For a good company when you feel really low, here is a list of Break-up songs that will help you share your pain and shed it out in the form of tears. Some are really high doses of medicine, please use them carefully, otherwise, you could end up crying out buckets for weeks and months. Let’s have a look at the Best Break Up Songs in Telugu.

Eda Thanunnado Bava – Malliswari (old)

Bhanumathi proved that she can sing any kind of song with great voice quality and mood. This song belongs to her even though Ghantasala does a great job in bringing the pathos of a man missing his love. Still, Bhanumathi adds her own texture and depth to the song. Salluri Rajeswara Rao composed one of the all-time great songs.

Antha Brathiyena/ Cheliya ledu Chelimi ledu – Devadasu

Devadasu film will be remembered for the great performances of Akkineni Nageswara Rao and Savitri forever. Songs help the movie even more and you have to just listen to them to put the right words to your sadness.

Nee Kosame Ne Jeevinchunadi – Mayabazaar

Mayabazaar film is known for the playful antics and comedy that the cast pulls off. But at the core of it all, it is a romantic drama and this song presents that mood really well.

Nee Sukhame Ne Korukunna – Murali Krishnudu

Many remember the song but not the film. Even though it did not age well, the song made the film memorable for ages.

Manasuna Manasai – Dr. Chakravarthy

When you are longing for someone to enter into your life and give it all meaning, this is the song for that situation. The newly broken up couples might just find each other more tolerable after hearing this great song.

Muddabanti Poovulo – Mooga Manasulu

If we can really give lyricist Atreya a penny for every word he used in this indirect break-up song to bring out the actual love of an unrequited lover, we may end up being poor financially but rich with the ability to express ourselves better.

Ontarinai poyanu – Gulebhakavali Katha

In a film that involves supernatural drama and folklore elements, romance and longing won’t add up to the pace of the movie. But this song just adds to the emotion of the characters and makes the movie even more enjoyable.

Bommanu Chesi Pranamu Posi – Devatha

Well, whenever you start listening to break-up songs, take good precautions before turning this one on. Lyrics by Sri Sri flat out hit you right in the feels and you could be devastated with sadness. One of the greatest songs ever composed for Telugu Cinema.

Aakasa Deshana Ashada Masana – Meghasandesam

Meghasandesam film songs have a different quality to all other songs. They seem like a happy orchestration to real sad situation at times. The heaviness behind the lyrics and situation gets you everytime.

Manasu Gathi Inthe – PremNagar

Prem Nagar became a classic because of the songs. Yes, the film story has a very minor plot point but the way it escalates into pathos leaves you spellbound. The movie team took great help from music to achieve it.

Agadhu Agadhu – Premabhishekam

When you really feel sad and lonely, these kinds of songs helps you shed weight in the form of tears. Once you’re free of the load, you can go on with your happy songs to feel light.

Edarilo Koyila – Panthulamma

Sometimes, we just want to cry thinking about the person we love. It is not easy to let go and it is not easy to keep them alive in your memories too. This song explains that dilemma really well.

Malle teega vaadi poga – Pooja

When you are plain destructive with sadness and helplessness, this song helps you to communicate your pain to the world. At least you can relate to it and see what pathos is really all about.

Nenoka Prema Pipasini – Indhradhanassu

We all wait for that one person to enter into our lives and some of us, think that we found them but the other person, just doesn’t get it. Then what can you do other than play this song in front of them?

Idhi Tholi Ratri – Majnu

Again, this song is all about the longing that you feel for your loved one and blunt cry seeking their attention towards you. The song doesn’t make you feel like a loser but gives you a passionate reason to regret your mistakes and move on.

Prema Entha Madhuram / Prema Ledani – Abhinandana

If you are in the mood to dismiss everything in your presence and just bring out the pain inside your heart out, this album is for you. Barring two happy songs, everyone in this movie is all about unrequited love and longing. The genius of Ilaiyaraja, SP Balasubramanyam, and Atreya will haunt you until you succumb to your emotions and address them.

Jabilli Kosam Aakasamalle – Manchi Manasulu

If a pure lover ever listens to this song, he or she will only relate to the person they really love. The lyrics, the music arrangements, and the voice of SPB/S. Janaki just takes you into a different world altogether.

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