Bellamkonda Srinivas highly confident about Kavacham

Bellamokonda Sai Srinivas talked about his next movie, Kavacham releasing on 7th December with media. He said that he is surprised by the clarity of thought that Srinivas, the director showed and even Kajal expressed the same.

He further talked about why he prefers action films more. He said, “I am clear about my preferences in doing more and more action films. Kavacham is a big action film that will have a story that unfolds in 24 hours. We have everything in proportions and it is a good package.”

He also said, “I did not want to really look at love stories as they all appear similar after a point. Also, action movies can be done by many actors but love stories are not that easy.”

About working with senior actresses with a huge name, he said, “What is wrong in that? They bring good exposure to my films and I am accustomed to working with them. I feel really comfortable around them too as they became my friends.”

He shared that his next after Kavacham in Teja direction is also getting ready for release and already total talkie portion has been completed. The movie could release in March 2019.