Because of few careless people many are suffering – Rashmi Gautham

Telugu TV popular anchor Rashmi Gautham in a press interaction said that she feels Corona Virus has been taken lightly by people and hence, we are in this situation. She said that the issue is not just about the spread of the virus but also the kind of lifestyle people are living in our country. She said, “We don’t have a lifestyle that encourages people to think about future and that is hurting us. People leave it up to governments or some other system to do their work and that is affecting us more. What can anyone do with such vast population?”

She continued to say that the people who don’t value their lives are biggest trouble for our society. She said, “If a person comes out and says, “I will die anyway on any day, why not after drinking alcohol,” if that is the kind of carelessness people exhibit around us what can we really tell them. Due to such … few careless people, many are suffering today!” She concluded by saying that the life has to move on but we need to learn from mistakes and help the animals that depend on us with compassion.

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