Balu decides to continue singing his songs

Always we can’t accept two well-known friends being at loggerheads. Even if it is in our neighborhood, we try to solve their issue and if it is among our close friends, we tend to do what all we can to solve their issue. But when two legends who were friends decide to fight, we feel defeated. Similar emotion is running for everyone in Southern states after hearing that Ilayaraja and Balu got into a royalty fight.

Commenting on the entire fiasco and his resolution, SP Balu said, “The issue has hurt me deeply. I am not mad on him but he could have just told me that there is this royalty thing that we need to pay to him before, I started my tour and as friends more like brothers, we would have sort it out.

He preferred to send a notice, I replied the way I did. Now, I am waiting for a reply from his side regarding the royalty he should get and as a singer, what I should get. Song doesn’t just belong to composer but singer too. I wanted to stop singing his songs, but I can’t avoid them. So, I decided to sing my songs and pay him the royalty he desires. If he proceeds legally again, I will do too,” concluded Balu.