Buzz: Balayya Babu hikes his remuneration

Paycheques are a very fickle thing in the industry, and actors’ remunerations depend upon their success rate. The more success they’re in, the more an actor demands, and the more the actor earns. It’s the exact opposite if an actor is in failure, of course. Irrespective of whether the actor is a newbie or an established actor, or a star actor, this is the rule for all.

Known for having a very reasonable paycheque when compared to all others in the industry, it is being said that Balakrishna has decided to increase his remuneration, owing to the grand success of Akhanda. He used to get paid anywhere between 8-10 Crores until Akhanda, and his deal with Mytrhi Movi Makers, who are producing his film with Gopichand Malineni, was that he would get paid Rs. 10 Crores.

Reports are now suggesting that Balayya decided to increase his remuneration to 12 Crores for the film. FOr his film with Anil Ravipudi, he is expected to quote as much as 15 Crores. Given that no other film apart from the ones directed by Boyapati Srinu was a success for Balayya in the last several years, this is an interesting demand.