Balakrishna’s comments: Intentional or hopeless?

Nandamuri Balakrishna is one actor who never hesitates or filters any of his words when he’s interacting with the press, or with anyone in general. He always speaks his mind and never thinks twice about what he’s saying.

This was the exact thing that he did recently when he made some controversial comments on AR Rahman and Bharat Ratna. Balakrishna said that he doesn’t know who Rahman is and that he gives a hit once in a decade. Furthermore, Balakrishna went on to say that the Bharat Ratna means nothing to him and that it pales when compared to his father. He said that no award can compare to the contributions of his family in the film industry and that only awards should feel bad, not his family.

This is not the first time that Balakrishna has done something totally bonkers, as he has a history with such behaviour in the public. In fact, he has become infamous for such behaviour in the public, that these clippings are often troll material for trollers. However, this time, Balakrishna’s comments have taken a serious tone, given that he commented against one of the most popular people in World Cinema and on India’s highest civilian award. Balakrishna’s comments are now making everyone ask whether he meant every word of it, or if he doesn’t really care, and simply wants the attention.

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