Balakrishna to release old footage of Nartanasala!

Nandamuri Balakrishna decided to retell the story of Nartanasala from Mahabharata epic, in his own style. We can almost say that he wanted to remake his father NTR’s Nartanasala. He took Srihari as Bheemudu, Soundarya as Draupadi, Sarath babu as Yudhisthir or Dharma Raju. Balakrishna did the role of Arjun. Balakrishna decided to direct the film and produce the film.

He did start the movie in 1999 and shot for a schedule. He stopped production of the film due to some unknown reasons. Later, he shelved the project due to the death of Soundarya. Now, on 24th October, Balakrishna has decided to release the footage he shot 21 years ago. Totally, the footage is cut as 17 minutes short film. This film will release on NBK Theater through Shreyas AT app. Balakrishna has decided to donate the money generated by this 17 minutes short film or old footage to Charity.

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