Balakrishna latest movie producer reacts to the actor’s comments

Balakrishna suddenly commented about Industry meets with Telangana Government and in utter frustration said that no body invited him. He did not stop there and said that he feels like these people are distributing lands among themselves sitting in Hyderabad. Major part of meets happened at Chiranjeevi’s home and he is asked to lead the Industry meets by producers. C. Kalyan producer of Ruler, last release from Balakrishna, said that Industry doesn’t have to call all actors to every meet as it is producers who went to meet Government.

He said that the producers wanted Chiranjeevi to lead the way and then they invited Nagarjuna and several directors along with producers to have a talk with Talasani Srinivas Yadav at official level. He said that they are producers invited heads and not all actors were invited. Later he said Balakrishna is everyone’s heart and people from Industry, respect him a lot. He shouldn’t have said that but that doesn’t decrease their respect towards him. He also said that producers invite those people through whom their benefit at different meets and this meeting doesn’t involve actors.

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