Babu Bangaram

Victory Venkatesh starer Babu Bangaram hit the theaters today and all the fans are excited to watch it. After a long gap, this movie is considered a good comeback for Victory Venkatesh. Read on for the review of Babu Bangaram..

Story : Victory Venkatesh plays Krishna. Krishna is a cop, who is in search of an accused criminal. Nayantara plays ‘Selvi’, who is the daughter of the same accused, whom Krishna is in search of. Krishna tries to get closer to Selvi, to find out where her father is. Eventually, love blooms between Krishna and Selvi. Selvi gets shocked on knowing that Krishna cheated her only with the intention to find her father.

Roles and Performances : Victory Venkatesh has done a very good job in the role of Krishna. His energy levels and perkiness are really appreciable. He was so energetic in the action scenes and need not mention about his comedy timing.

Nayantara looks very beautiful. The chemistry between Venki and Nayan worked out really well. Comedians Bramhanandam, Vennela Kishore, Bramhaji, Posani, Pruthvi and the others performed well. But the comedy did not come out as expected.

Technical Aspects : Director Maruthi, who was well appreciated for “Bhale Bhale Magadivoy”, failed to impress this time. There is neither a proper plot nor an interesting narration. Maruthi seems to have adopted the story from Nagarjuna’s “Nirnayam”. Most of the scenes go blunt and boring. Hyped as a comedy entertainer, the movie had scarce humor.

Songs by Ghibran are not in sync with the story narration. Music is definitely not at all appealing. Comedians fail to add that expected proportions of humor. Bramhanandam’s comedy did not work at all.

Lagged narration which leads to boredom. Production values are good and camera work is okay.

Verdict : Victory Venkatesh’s energy is the only thing that drives this movie. Director Maruthi must have concentrated on the script more. Venkatesh and Nayantara’s chemistry is one of the things which makes this movie watchable.

Nayantara looks beautiful and her looks dominate her performance. The bunch of comedians Bramhanandam,Vennela Kishore, Prabhas Srinu, Prithvi, Bramhaji etc were worth some laughs.

If you want to watch this movie, please go to to the theaters without expectations. Exclusive fans of Venkatesh are going to enjoy his screen presence.