Baahubali writer gets a huge deal

Baahubali has become synonymous with big success and it reached heights that other regional film or even Hindi film could aspire. The movie team is treated as big stars, not talking about Prabhas and cast, even crew members are stars today. Among all of them, Vijayendra Prasad has different hype and craze. As he also wrote a film like Bhajrangi Bhaijaan, he is a big name all over India and in every film Industry.

Looking at his craze, EROS International has roped him as a writer for 10 films and the deal is worth a fortune, it seems. The exact figure hasn’t been announced but it is huge than anybody could imagine it seems. The deal for him is set to write films in Tamil and Telugu. As EROS wants to establish themselves in these two big markets they chose to go for such a huge deal, it seems.

Vijayendra Prasad has been in the Industry from past 30 years as a writer and he delivered many big hits. He even directed a few films but they did not work out as expected. He will be developing scripts for the movies to be directed by different people in both Tamil and Telugu.

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