Baahubali takes Twitter by storm after RRR release

It came as no surprise that RRR was trending on Twitter yesterday, with various hashtags involving RRR trending the entire day. However, the main surprise was the fact that Baahubali was trending oN Twitter as well. Given that RRR is Rajamouli’s immediate follow up to the Baahubali franchise, parallels and comparisons were inevitable.

As a result, while everyone fell in love with RRR, and what the director had to offer the audience in the film, discussion began about Baahubali, and how the franchise started a phenomenon single-handedly, like never before. There has also been talk about how certain aspects from RRR were very similar to a few aspects from Baahubali, how Rajamouli sticks to some storytelling tools religiously.

While RRR has turned out to be a blockbuster and has broken several records set up by Baahubali 2, many have been heard saying that despite turning into a blockbuster hit, RRR would never be considered anywhere close to the Baahubali franchise, which is now considered to be a classic. Baahubali 1 has also been recently suggested to be watched by all the Rajya Sabha Members, by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat Recreation Club, on April 1 at the Films Division Auditorium, in Mahadev Road.

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