Baahubali – A story of Bindi

Once upon a time there was a kingdom, Mahishmathi. Being the superiorly powerful kingdom with the likes of strong characters ruling the roost, it found it’s place in the history of Indian Cinema as the first ever story told about the kingdom scored 1500 crs at the box office. Well, we all have watched Baahubali the movie several times by now and we do know that characters wore Bindi. Ever wondered what they meant? How intriguingly SS Rajamouli and his designer team created outfits and look? Let’s dive into the topic of Bindi(s) and find out in detail ..

SivagamiSivagamiSivagami is a character that represented great strength and will power. Full moon Bindi brought that out perfectly. She looks like a goddess ready to set you up right and love you with all her affection. There is nothing to hide from her point of view.

BhallaladevaBhallaladevaWe see Rana wearing half rising sun bindi on his forehead. That means he always thinks about rising to the power. For Karna, the bindi was more round meaning his power and courage. Here it is just half, talking only about power.

Amarendra BaahubaliAmarendra BaahubaliAmarendra Baahubali the crowned prince, who left the crown to his brother for his word, wore a bindi of crescent moon. It resembles his kindness and unbelievable strength and vigour. Also his quick and long lasting trust in others.

Mahendra Baahubali / ShivuduMahendra BaahubaliMahendra Baahubali unlike his father is all about strength. Physical and mental. The Bindi of a great snake resembles the same.

AvantikaAvantikaBindi given to Avantika resembles her beauty and also a woman who gave up everything for a cause. She is a warrior princess and her stylish bindi gives that away.

DevasenaDevasenaDevasena is all about her rights. She thinks quick, talks truth and harsh, never holds back her will. She never accepts any false superiority too. A real fighter and strong-willed brand ambassador for women rights. She never hesitates to fight anyone and if you see her bindi, you can say that she wears the symbol of humanity.

BijjaladevaBijjaladevaBijjaladeva wore a trishul as bindi. Normally a trident stands for courage, strength and vigour. But here it stands for cunningness, adultery and jealousy. That’s the reason the trident is not complete.

KattappaKattappaNation’s most loved traitor, Kattappa always resembles a warrior locked up in the cage. He is a man of no free will and a slave to the crown of unjust and just, whoever wears it. So hus bindi resembles that very creatively.