Avinash is romantic also … angry also!

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 has turned into an interesting love-hate relationship saga for the contestants. Housemates are suddenly turning into best friends and suddenly becoming enemies too. Avinash seems to have found some love interest to pursue. Nagarjuna also hinted that Avinash is moving close to Ariyana. The two of them have denied it but Avinash seems to be slowly getting close to Ariyana for sure.

He seems to have taken offence to what Sohel said on Tuesday and the latest promos indicate that he shouted on him in anger. Wednesday episode will concentrate on how contestants have reacted to deal or no deal tasks. Harika went for haircut, Amma Rajasekhar decided to go for half shave of beard, head and contestants have torn their dresses too. During this task, Avinash seems to have lost his temper on Sohel.

Even other contestants seem to be extremely nervous in performing these tasks. Anyways, Avinash and Ariyana seem to be the new romantic pair of Bigg Boss Telugu. Akhil Sartak and Monal Gujjar seem be becoming yesterday’s news and Avinash-Ariyana can bring new twist into these equations. Let’s see how the game will progress further.