Avengers EndGame

Plot:: After the snap of Thanos (Josh Brolin), every known life form has been finding it difficult to process the loss across the Universe. So, the Avengers try to think about a solution to the problem and bring back all the people lost. Can they? If they, how will they achieve it? What will they have do in the end to safeguard life from Thanos? Watch the movie to know …

Performances:: Robert Downey Jr. made the movie his own by giving Iron Man his own charisma and he pulled off the character moments better than ever. He gave his all to this performance to make it as memorable as he can.

Chris Evans as Captain America too made the movie what it is. He got the best possible lines and moments that his character can ever think off. He gave his best in the character.

Chris Hemsworth took Thor character in a different direction yet again. He succeeded in landing what his character is aiming for. Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo every one did their best to make the film their best in the MCU. In fact, all others too gave the movie what it totally deserved. Nobody seem to have been caught off-guard. Karen Gillan too stepped up her game as Nebula in the movie.

Technicalities:: Music is the most important part of this film. Alan Silvestri keeps the proceedings engaging whenever the music was necessary to take the story forward. He outdone himself from early movies.

Cinematography by Trent Opaloch is greatly in sync with VFX and the color coding work is the best you could have expected for any film. This is like Marvel wanted to give fans some tribute for their love and the entire group of technicians responded to the call.

Edited by Jeffrey Ford is top notch too. With all the stuff the movie had to have and to cram it in the length possible without letting fans feel it, that’s the best job of any editor.

Screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely is one of the well paced ones in MCU ever. Movie gets the jokes right and also lands the moments perfectly. Their way of keeping everything true to the character is commendable. They could have kept the movie even fast paced but this one seems to be the right pacing in the whole scheme of the things.

Directors Russo Brothers gave the film, a completeness. They never let it be an experience that falls short of serving the purpose of the story and characters. The movie is about superheroes and them doing everything they can to save the planet and mankind. They keep the film grim and at the same time cheerfully optimistic. They are the directors that Marvel fanbase deserved.

Analysis:: Avengers is one of the most important cinematic highs that many film lovers have experienced ever. We cannot describe it better than that as the fans flooding the theatres and screaming at the top of the pitch can only tell us how hard they fell in love with this franchise. Nobody could have ever thought that a movie like this with so many superheroes would be so important for all the people who love cinema.

Endgame while it does a good job at being the culmination of all the story threads that Marvel Cinematic Universe as ever started, it also is a film that gives fans respect for travelling with them all along. The need for a film of this magnitude arised because of the fans and this movie while being asolid story arc to all the characters loved by them, it also immortalises these superheroes in cinematic history. Some scenes could seem like slowing down the pace but the fans deserved them!

Rating: 4/5