AVAK turns a glimmer of hope for Tollywood

Vishwak Sen’s latest movie, Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam, was released yesterday after a decent buzz. There weren’t huge expectations for the film, but the teasers, songs, and the trailer looked promising enough.

There were a lot of inhibitions surrounding the performance of the film, given that it’s a low budget film and that no such film has been doing well at the box office in recent times, even taking at the box office, like Sharwanand’s recent film Aadvallu Meeku Johaarlu. However, AVAK has been doing better than expectations at the box office, especially when compared to the other films that were released along with it.

The main reason for the film’s performance at the box office is being attributed to the fact that there has not been any ticket price hike for the film, which has drawn the audience in. Hope Tollywood notices this aspect and changes its stance on the ticket price hike, even for big films.