Ram Gopal Varma has tried to make a thriller with violence. The movie takes its time to shape and it slowly evolves like a caterpillar. But once the drama starts, it’s all just ‘Attack’.

Story :

Despite the fact that the story thought is ages old, the way it has been set up in the setting of old city is really great. As in all RGV movies, camera work is sublime. Particularly, all the arial shots which showcase old city have been shot incredibly well. Prakash Raj is fair in his cameo however it is Manchu Manoj who is the deliverer of the film. He turns out to be entirely dynamic post interim and makes a not too bad showing with regards to in his part. Manoj’s get up and dirty look amid the peak suits his character well. Jagapathi Babu is additionally alright in his brief part. Vadde Naveen makes a decent rebound in an essential part and performs remarkably well.
The death of Prakash Raj has been shot in an abrasive way and sets the film well amid the start.One of the greatest downsides of Attack is the absence of clarity. It requires a great deal of investment to comprehend who is behind the vengeance dramatization and which character does what. RGV, who showcases his awful folks with most extreme clarity and subtle element, leaves the string open and mistakes the gathering of people for too numerous characters. Indeed, even the performing artist that he picked as the lowlife, Abhimanyu Singh looks senseless and dull in his part. Poonam Kaur looks irregular and over the top in her boisterous character.
Surabhi’s part is entirely restricted as she is squandered in the film. The climax of the film has been extended to umpteen lengths for reasons unknown. The most recent five minutes feel like 30 minutes as RGV goes into an abundant excess point of interest to wrap up things.As said before, camera work is first rate as the  wrong doing background has been showcased well. Despite the fact that the film is under 2 hours, various scenes could have been effectively altered. Screenplay is yet another catastrophe as it mistakes the group of onlookers for too numerous characters entering the scene.

Coming to RGV, as usual, his story thought and determination of stars is adept. Be that as it may, the way he drags things without reason and executes real scenes with no conviction and clarity leaves a ton to be desired. On the entire, Attack is yet another endeavor from RGV which goes wayward. RGV himself should be faulted as he dragged a basic story line and made it entirely confounding for the group of onlookers. With the exception of Manchu Manoj’s true endeavors, this film has not a lot to offer and must be given a shot on the  off chance that you have literally nothing to do.