Aswathama producer Shankar Prasad is annoyed with Mehreen

Mahreen Pirzada has acted in a handful of films in Telugu and is still looking for that one film that will catapult her to the top league. She was last seen in Naga Shaurya’s Aswathama, which had a decent run in theatres. However, it looks like all is not well between Mehreen and producer Shankar Prasad. The actress took part in the film’s aggressive promotional events. However, she didn’t quite make it to an event with director K Raghavendra Rao. Apparently, Mehreen said that she had a skin allergy that day and also provided medical prescription to back her claims.

The producers were annoyed with Mehreen’s behaviour and said that they wouldn’t clear the bills if she failed to attend the film’s event. So, the next morning, Mehreen silently vacated the room without giving proper information to the producer. Though Shankar Prasad eventually cleared the bills, the entire incident showcased Mehreen’s insensitive behaviour. Producer Shankar Prasad and the entire production are miffed with Mehreen. But, they decided to let go of this incident as of now. It is unclear whether they will pick Mehreen to do films in their banner.

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