Ashok Galla gives Krishna No.1 tribute

Sriram Adittya started his next after Devdas with Ashok Galla as the lead. Movie has Niddhi Agerwal in the lead as well. Keeping with the tradition of giving tributes or nods to big heroes from the family, Ashok decided to go for Jumbare song remake. The song became a huge hit for Krishna after few years of flops making No.1 film his biggest comeback to prominence after being dominated by other heroes for long. The song also had him actively participating in a full speed song in his own amicable style and steps.

The team decided to unveil this surprise on the birthday of Krishna and they did so. Ashok Galla did not look awkward or uncomfortable while imitating his grandfather and he inherited his laughing style too. Well, the song will be a feast for fans of the senior legend Krishna and even for Mahesh fans.