Arjun Reddy speech, Is it a publicity drama?

Arjun Reddy is seeing a surge in the advance bookings ever since the movie pre-release event. Vijay Devarakonda’s speech and also, the VH troll has earned the movie lot of hype on social media platforms. We can see people talking about the movie more than anything else this weekend. Even though there is a sequel to a blockbuster success like Raghuvaran involving major actors like Kajol and Dhanush on one side and AjithKumar’s more talked about Vivekam with Kajal Aggarwal and Vivek Oberoi on the other side, the movie is managing to maintain the highest buzz.

The speech where Vijay, the lead actor asked for young students to not stay mute in the screens during the screening of his movie, is going viral. On social media, there is a division regarding the speech as well. While few are supporting his stance, others are debating about the stance he took. The trolls are busy taking few words and find new ways to troll the actor as well.

The debate has increased the buzz for the movie like anything. The advance books in the cities are like more like a rage. Major areas are looking to add new theatres to live upto the demand. As, the movie is releasing on Vinayaka Chaviti, the holiday has also helped the movie mostly to get such a huge opening in the cities after the speech. So, few of them are saying if the speech is a new way to promote their movie. In any case, everything will last only until the movie is good and if it isn’t the actor and director will lose their reputation and just for publicity, we don’t think they will stoop too low. Let’s see how the movie plays out. Sandeep Reddy Vanga has directed the movie.

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