Are Tamanna and Virat Kohli harmful to them?

Tamanna and Virat Kohli endorse different brands as celebrities. Virat Kohli, the cricketer is especially hot in the ad market with his charismatic personality and success as Indian Cricket team Captain. Both of them are endorsing online gambling sites and apps. They might be doing it thinking about them as the fun and harmless games online. But an advocate from Chennai, did not feel so.

Advocate Suryaprakasam filed a petition sorting arrest of Virat Kohli and Tamanna for endorsing the gambling sites. He remarked that these online sites and apps are dangerous for society as they harm young minds, who tend to follow these celebrities. Madras High Court took the petition for review and if they feel that there is merit in his claim, then they will give summons to both the celebrities to offer their defence. The advocate also seeked complete ban on the websites, apps that promote online gambling.

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