AP government’s GO useless as Akhanda ticket prices soar

It has already been reported that the Andhra Pradesh government’s GO, regarding the sale of tickets online, through government-run platforms, and the denial of permissions for extra, special and benefit shows, has gone to waste. Local MLAs have themselves confirmed that huge bribing took place in all the districts of the state, with the concerned officials being bribed so that they would give a blind eye to all the theatres that are selling tickets at their own prices.

It has now come to light that the ticket prices of Balakrishna’s Akhanda, which was released today, went as high as Rs. 250 per ticket, in the state. This is in direct contrast to the wishes of the AP government, which wanted transparency in ticket sales and easily affordable prices for tickets. It is being said that this trend is likely to continue in the state, with officials being bribed, and theatres selling tickets at their own prices.

Locals are of the opinion that Jagan wouldn’t have the time to visit each and every theatre in the state to inspect and see if rules are being followed, and with local authorities being bribed, the prospect of the government’s GO being followed is very less likely.

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