AP government’s GO increases ticket sale corruption

The Andhra Pradesh government had released a GO putting into effect that there would be no extra or benefit shows for any film in the state, and that the tickets for every film should be sold only through an online platform run by the government, at at the prices decided by the AP government. While the pre-release business dropped drastically because of this GO, the reality of things is quite different right now, especially in the lead up to Akhanda’s release tomorrow.

Local MLAs are themselves confirming that huge corruption is taking place in the state, wherein at least 10-15 Lakhs are being spent to bribe the local authorities, from fining theatre owners. These bribings are taking place so that theatre owners can tickets at their own prices than at the prices that the government wants them to sell at.

Not just ticket prices, but authorities are also being bribed so that special, benefit and extra shows can be showcased in theatres. All in all looks like the AP government’s GO has brought in counter-effects than the effect that was expected.

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