AP government RRR tickets to be sold at higher prices!

The Andhra Pradesh government, at the time of releasing the GO with the increased ticket prices, said that it would allow special permissions to only Radhe Shyam and RRR, for special shows and increased ticket prices, due to their big budgets. However, the AP government didn’t fulfil its promises at the time of Radhe Shyam’s release.

Radhe Shyam released at the same, marginally increased prices, which is having a very bad toll on the film’s revenue in Andhra Pradesh. On the other hand, Rajamouli’s RRR is all set for a grand release on March 25th. Rajamouli, and the film’s producer, DVV Danayya, went to meet with AP CM Jagan yesterday, to talk about the increase of prices in AP for the film.

While things didn’t seem to be getting any better, the AP government has finally agreed to increase Rs. 100 per ticket, for just RRR, as the film has been made on a budget of Rs. 400 Crores. It is now to be seen whether the government will follow through with its decision, at the time of the film’s release.

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