Anya’s Tutorial Web Series Review and Rating!

Exclusive Telugu content providing platform Aha’s original series, Anya’s Tutorial is premiered on the OTT platform on July 1st. Let’s analyse it.

Story: The series prominently revolves around two sisters Madhu( Regina) and Lavanya ( Nivedhitaa). Disturbed with the issues in the family, Lavanya movies to a seperate flat and starts a Insta handel Anya’s Tutorial and dreams big to become social media influencer. This is the the Covid lockdown will be imposed and Madhu, the elder sister keeps in requesting her sister Lavanya to come back to their home. To grab the attention of the netizens, Lavanya starts posted her own created fake horror stories on Instagram. How is Madhu interlinked with the uneven horror events happening created by her younger sister? How will Lavanya handle the entire mess, forms the crucial crux of the show.

Performances: Both Regina and Nivedhitaa perfectly fitted in the roles as blood sisters. While Regina did her part quite convincingly, Nivedhitaa also impresses with her outstanding performance.

As most of the show runs based on Nivedhitaa’s character, she just carried the proceedings with acting capabilities. Her facial expressions are a major advantage for this psychological thriller.

As the entire series runs on the two sisters, there is nothing in special to mention about other artists.

Technicalities: The VFX work, production design and lavish setup created for the show will instantly grab the attention of viewers. Background score composed by Arrol Corelli elevates the key twists and turns in the proceedings in a superb manner.

The cinematography work by Vijay K. Chakravathy registers well. The way he has showcased the entire premises is one of the highlights for the series. Editing by Ravi Teja Girijala is slick.

Analysis: Director Pallavi Gangireddy and his team came up with an intriguing concept. The way the show is designed and executed will be loved by the viewers. The series is largely engaging with enough horror elements incorporated in the proceedings.

To summerize, Anya’s Tutorial is a horror thriller that deals with paranormal activities. Regina and Nivedhitaa did their respective roles in a superb manner and make the viewers hooked to the narrative.

Verdict: Must-watch psychological thriller!

Rating: 3/5