Anushka shows gratitude to Nagarjuna

Sweety Shetty, a yoga trainer from Bengaluru turned into Anushka – Queen of TFI. She managed to sustain her success for 14 years and did films like Arundhathi, Ragada, Baahubali, Mirchi, Billa and many more that helped her be in such a position.

Now, the actress is shooting for a thriller in USA in the direction of Hemanth Madhukar. She on the social media, shared a message thanking Nagarjuna, Puri Jagannath and others who are responsible for her successful career.

She said, “I came to Hyderabad for an audition on the insistence of Puri Jagannath, who got to know about me from his friend living in Bangalore. I am happy that even though uninterested, I attended that audition.

It changed my life and I thank all the people who are responsible for this successful career in past 14 years. I especially thank Nagarjuna and Puri Jagannath.”