Anticipation on Radhe Shyam’s ending builds after release trailer

Prabhas’s upcoming film, Radhe Shyam, which is all set to release on March 11th, has a lot of expectations on it. The expectations further increased after the trailer of the film was released ahead of the film’s release in January, which ultimately got postponed due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the country at the time.

With the film now about to release in ten days, a brand new trailer, the release trailer, has been released today, and it has been receiving tremendous response from the audience. The release trailer is vastly different from one that has already been released, with brand new elements from the film being exposed through this trailer. Several conflicts are shown from the film, raising the stakes and ambiguity surrounding the film’s ending.

From the very beginning, there were a lot of speculations surrounding the climax of Radhe Shyam, which have only intensified with the new trailer. The new trailer hints at a bittersweet ending, with a lot of promise on action and drama. Pooja Hegde is the leading lady of Radhe Shyam, which is touted to be an epic romantic tale, directed by Radha Krishna Kumar.