Anthologies not Tollywood’s cup of tea: Modern Love Hyderabad

A number of anthologies have been made in Telugu so far and have been streamed on various platforms, and some were even released as films in theatres. However, there’s always been one consistent factor, which hasn’t changed over the ages, and that is, there’s never been one instance where an anthology has worked in Telugu.

Amazon Prime Video came up with Modern Love Hyderabad, a part of its hit series Modern Love, which is based in various cities. The Hyderabad version even consisted of many big names that include Nitya Menon, Suhasini Maniratnam, Revathi, etc. Despite that, the series has turned out to be a bummer.

Modern Love Hyderabad has barely managed to get the audiences excited, and upon release, the same has been the case. This is once again proof that anthologies are not something that work in Tollywood, and it’s something that the makers should try not to attempt anymore.

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