Ante Sundaraniki Trailer: Beautiful, funny, and good chaos

The trailer of Nani’s much-awaited upcoming film, Ante Sundaraniki, has been released today. The trailer expands on what’s been established in the teaser – the conflict between two different families belonging to different faiths when their children fall in love.

With Sundar and Leela’s worlds already having been established well in the teaser, the trailer gives us a look into how they met. The rest of the trailer glances over what problems the duo faces throughout the story, not giving enough idea of what might happen, keeping the audience hooked and very interested to see what will unfold.

It is clear that the movie is going to be packed with out and out entertainment, but it also promises a beautiful and funny love story, interlaced with good chaos. Ante Sundaraniki is written and directed by Vivek Athreya and is all set to be released on June 10th. The film marks the Telugu debut of Malayalam actress Nazriya Fahadh.