Another disaster for Bollywood

It is a well known fact that remaking Forrest Gump was Aamir Khan’s long time ambition, so much so that the actor has been trying to make the film a reality for the last 14 years. And finally, the film became a reality, and hit the big screens all across the country today. Remaking Forrest Gump was a major risk to begin with, given that it’s a classic, and Tom Hanks’ performance as the titular character in the original film is hailed to this day, for which he received an Oscar award.

Despite all of that, Aamir decided to brave everything and go in for Laal Singh Chaddha. The trailer of the film recieved a very mixed response, and the talk that the film ash been getting since morning is also not very good. With the ongoing speculation about the quality of the film, and many calling for the boycott of the film, the less than stellar reviews will do nothing much for the film’s performance at the box office.

Bollywood has been suffering from the lack of a proper hit for the past few years, and there were hopes that Laal Singh Chaddha would change the game. Nevertheless, the film seems to have turned out to be another disaster for Bollywood.

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