Anil Ravipudi’s film with Balayya to be one of a kind!

While director Anil Ravipudi is currently anticipating the release of his much awaited film F3, which is a sequel to his film F2, a lot of discussion regarding his next film is going on. The director is all set to direct Balakrishna in his next, which has upped the intrigue for everyone.

Considering that Anil’s forte is comedy and entertainment, and that Balayya is known for his out and out mass avatar, everyone is very much looking forward to how the collaboration between these two is going to turn out to be. While promoting F3 recently, Anil said that his film with Balayya is going to be a very special one for him, and that he’s also scared about it, because it excites him, and because it’s one of a kind.

Anil said that Balayya will be seen playing a 45-50 year old man in the film, and that the film would revolve around his character. He also revealed that the story is about a father and his daughter, with Sree Leela, of Pelli SandaD fame, all set to be seen as Balayya’s daughter.

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