This anchor refuses to lie for money!

We have seen many fitness centres coming up with ads like Before and After everyday. We can easily make out that some of these are photoshopped ones and the genuine ones are very hard to find by. The rumour is that they pay heavy bucks to celebrities and actors to act as the models and one of the anchor has refused such an offer as per the reports coming in.

She is a famous anchor on Television and she had put on weight due to her work schedule. She realised this and shed her weight by rigorous work outs and Yoga training sessions. The anchor even turned into an actress and she is getting offers from various big movies as well. She is looking at her gorgeous best and the actress is proud of her achievement.

But one of the fitness centres in Hyderabad has offered her to be their brand ambassador and all she has to do was to lie that she reduced all that weight due to the exercises and diet suggested by the fitness centre. They even offered her 20 lakhs remuneration for doing so. But actress has denied the offer and did not want to lie to the customers who could be taking her as a role model. Well done , lady! By the way, did you guess, whom we are talking about?

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