Anasuya’s online fight goes viral

Anchor turned actress Anasuya is back to rhe limelight again. This time for her fiery posts on Twitter account for referring her as Aunty by the netizens.

Getting into details, Anasuya tweeted Karma haunts soon after Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger received negative feedback from the audience on its opening day. For her post, Anasuya received backslash from Vijay fans and netizens and even referred her as “Aunty”. Responding to all the negativity, Anasuya tweeted”Here by..taking screenshot of every account abusing me..age shaming me by calling“Aunty”..involving my family into this and I will file a case and take it to a point where you will regret getting to me without any legit reason..this is my final warning”.

During the release of Arjun Reddy, Anasuya made some strong comments on the team and Vijay Deverakonda for incorporated cusswords in the movie. Back then Anasuya received negativity from the netizens and the film went on to become a path-breaking hit. Now, after exactly five Anasuya has again raised the topic with Karma Haunts tweet. Anasuya is on a fire mood and have to wait and see when she cools down.

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