Anasuya responds to filthy comments on her dressing style

Tollywood host turned actress Anasuya is widely known for her glamorous outfits in movies and television shows. Earlier in many instances, Anasuya gave an explanation that her dressing style is completed her choice and her on screen presence has nothing to do with her personal life.

But quite often Anasuya has been receiving harsh comments from the netizens regarding her dressing style. Now, the latest one is a netizen who questioned Anasuya”Being a mother to two kids why is she insulting the entire Telugu ladies by wearing short and skinny dresses?”. Replying to the comment, Anasuya quoted the tweet and wrote”It needed a response.. because few men should be educated on how to treat women in their families.. at their workplace.. women in general.. few men need to be educated that women have their own interests and life to lead and that is should be respected.. #LiveAndLetLive”.

Now, this kind of response from Anasuya for filthy comments on her dressing style has gone viral all over social media.

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