An unsustainable trend continuing in Tollywood?

Previously, directors and actors were booked production houses after delivering successful films at the vox office. There wasn’t any rush to book any director or actor, because safety was of the utmost importance.

However, with more and more production houses being floated in the industry right now, directors and actors are in for the best time of their lives, with production houses giving away lakhs and crores of rupees to directors and actors, and booking them. From the topmost production houses to recently founded ones, everyone in Tollywood is currently following this trend.

Even new directors are being paid advances, even if they are delivering just passable hits, and production houses are booking them. Actors are signing up to production houses only if they have a director on board. While this trend may be the most advantageous to actors and directors, experts feel that it is one of the most unsustainable trends for producers, as they would experience severe financial stress, which could lead to devastating outcomes. They feel that this trend needs to stop as soon as possible, given the current crisis, and the uncertainty of the future. By paying such huge advantages and with films in production, producers are playing at a high stakes game, one that might turn out to be highly problematic in the future.

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