An ‘O’ sentiment

Filmmakers have huge sentiments and they do categorise few actors and actresses as iron leg when they feel, with them among the cast, the film will definitely not work. Also, few titles have the same distinction and here are few of the films that had titles starting with letter ‘O’ and failed to click at box office.

One important note: We do not subscribe to the thought that films won’t work because of such sentiments but this is a list to showcase a prevailing sentiment in few filmmakers minds.

One Nenokkadinenenokkadine

Om 3Dom

Ongole Gitthaongole gitta


OK Bangaramok bangaram




Okka Magaduokka magadu

Okka Ammayi Thappaoka ammyi tappa

Om Namo Venkateshayaom namo venkatesaya

Oka Laila Kosamoka laila kosam


Okkadu Migiladuokkadu migiladu

Oh My Friendoh my friend

Oka Manasuoka manasu

There are hits with ‘O’ letter too but this is not that list and we will discuss about such list if ever we decide to put the light on it. For now, these are the films, we know that did not work at box office.