An intimate wedding for Sunitha

Yesterday, Singer Sunitha has revealed that she is going to be married again and posted a long message on how she felt. She is engaged to Ram, head of the digital company, Whackedout Media. Their engagement happened in their home and was a strictly close family affair where Sunitha’s parents, her two kids, and Ram’s mother has attended the function.

Sunitha’s news trended yesterday on every media channel. There were reports that their wedding will happen on December 27th. However, it is learned that nothing about the wedding dates has been finalized yet.

It is said that the wedding whenever it happens will be an intimate wedding. They will not invite anyone other than their close family members. They both are in their 40’s and they are divorcees as well.

Sunitha is a popular playback singer and dubbing artist. She has been in the news in one way or the other these days.

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