An interesting request from Kollywood to Tollywood

The Tamil Film industry has been known to experiment with different genres and produce some amazing films. Over the years, Telugu films have been remade in Tamil, and Tamil films have been remade in Telugu, and the trend continues to date. The most recent Tamil movie to be remade in Telugu is Dhanush’s Asuran, which was made into Narappa, starring Venkatesh in the lead role, and directed by Sreekanth Addala.

Another film from Tamil that is being speculated to be remade into Telugu is Dhanush’s Karnan, which was released this year. This film too, like Asuran, dealt with a really sensitive subject, and Dhanush was highly acclaimed for his performance in the film. It was said that Suresh Babu wanted to remake the film in Telugu with Venkatesh, but Venkatesh had said no, as he felt that the subject matter of the film was not right for the Telugu audiences.

After that, it was said that Bellamkonda Srinivas would be acting in the remake. Now, fans of the original, from everywhere, are appealing to the Telugu industry to not remake the film as the flavour of the original would be lost. After the lukewarm reception that Narappa has been receiving, it seems like the best option to leave out Karnan, and not remake it with Bellamkonda Srinivas, which would only prove to be an unnecessary risk.

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