Ambika Krishna announces a movie with NBK

Ambika Krishna, the political leader and founder of Ambika Group, decided to produce a film after 14 years and that too with the same hero, Nandamuri Balakrishna. After making films like Kanyadanam, Oke Maata with Upendra and Adanthe Ado Typu with EVV Satyanarayana, he produced film with Balayya, Veerabhadra. Movie failed big time and hence, he stopped producing films.

He has been a friend to Balakrishna and even been active as a political leader in Telugu Desam Party, over the years. He recently joined BJP and decided to work in the party at state and National level. The producer now decided to produce a film with NBK. But he did not announce any director or other casting details. He just said that he will be announcing every detail soon.

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