I always made films on universal emotions – SS Rajamouli

SS Rajamouli is a huge name in Film Industry and he scored a mega blockbuster with Baahubali, which improved his market and name all over the world. He visited Harvard University for a conference as a special guest and talked to press.

Talking about making films for Pan-India and World markets, he said, “My films always will be about human emotions. I am good at understanding Indian people emotions and hence, I can make a film based on them.

But if I have to make a movie in English or for audiences in Europe or USA, my thought process and emotions should be different. Also, our films should release in those countries to have a look at how they react to our films.

I did not make Baahubali or Eega with North Indians or Japanese in mind. Asians all have similar thought process mostly and similar emotions, hence Baahubali could win people’s hearts in Japan.”

He then said that the digital rights and streaming movie market is good for producers. He also said that the movie viewing experience in theatres should be enhanced for people to feel obliged to watch a movie in theaters. Then streaming a movie in 30 or 40 days, won’t kill the run of the film, he opined.

About RRR, he said, “I can’t talk about RRR yet, but it will also be based om emotions only. I won’t keep everything secret like Baahubali but this is not the time to reveal things as well,” concluded the director.