Allu Arjun: A man who values principles over money. Here’s why

Allu Arjun is one actor who enjoys a massive fanbase, and the only actor in Tollywood, apart from Mahesh Babu, to have never acted in a remake. He even recently scored a massive pan-Indian hit in the form of Pushpa: The Rise. The actor is currently prepping for Pushpa: The Rule, the shooting for which is expected to begin in May.

It has now come to be known that Bunny recently rejected an expensive advertisement. We have seen the actor in several advertisements throughout his career, which is why it comes as a surprise why the actor would reject one. Reportedly, the actor was offered a hefty price to promote a tobacco brand, which he is said to have turned down immediately. Not being a smoker himself, Allu Arjun is said to have not been interested in spoiling the health of his fans by endorsing a tobacco brand.

By rejecting the Ad, the actor has once again proved that he is a man who respects principles over money, and the well-being of his fans over anything else. On the other hand, the actor is yet to announce his project after Pushpa: The Rule.

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