All Time Best Movies of Dhanush to Watch

Tamil actor Dhanush is nationally known as an actor par excellence. He received two National Awards for Best Actor and several other awards down south. He never fails to entertain the audience and always chooses interesting and unique scripts. Of the wide range of films that he has done in his career, here are the all-time top movies of Dhanush (in no particular order) that you should watch without fail. These are just some of the movies of the impressive list of films that Dhanush has been a part of in his entire career.

Dhanush’s All Time Best Movies List

1. Yaaradi Nee Mohini

1 Best Movies Of Dhanush

Yaaradi Nee Mohini is directed by Dhanush’s brother Selva Raghavan and is the remake of the Telugu film Aadavari Maatalaku Arthaleverule, which was directed by Selva Raghavan himself. Although a remake, Dhanush pours his life into the character of a man who yearns to be with the woman he loves while continuing to mourn his father, which makes him the loneliest man in the world.

2. Aadukalam

2 Best Movies Of Dhanush

This is the film for which Dhanush received his first National Award for Best Actor. While not directly based on any real or true incidents, director Vetrimaaran said that this film is based on several movies and books, which are even credited at the end of the film. Aadukalam deals with a lot more than that meets the eye, which makes it a must-watch.

3. Maryan

3 Best Movies Of Dhanush

Maryan is an epic love story that is based on true events. It revolves around Mariyaan, a man who works in an oil company. When his lady love falls into financial trouble, he is forced to take up a two-year contract based job in Sudan, and upon the completion of his contract, he gets ready to return home to his love. However, things go west when he is kidnapped by Sudanese terrorists. Does he escape and return to his love forms the rest of the story. Maryan not only has gut-wrenching performances but also beautiful cinematography and music that will always haunt you.

4. Anegan

4 Best Movies Of Dhanush

A romantic entertainer, Anegan revolves around Madhu and Ashwin, who have been in love with each other over the span of several lifetimes. Dhanush and Amyra Dastur essay four different roles through four different timelines, perfectly showcasing the unbreakable bond of their characters, no matter how many times they are separated.

5. Vada Chennai

5 Best Movies Of Dhanush

When the film was first released, it was at the centre of several controversies over how the community of fishermen was showcased in the film. However, it trumped over all controversies and became a critical and commercial success. Vada Chennai is the journey of Anbu, from being a carrom player and a government job aspirant to being entangled in between two rival gangs in Chennai, and how he gets himself into such a position, from wanting to do nothing with them.

6. Asuran

6 Best Movies Of Dhanush

Who hasn’t heard of Asuran? It was all the rage when it first released and continues to be praised for the concepts and themes it explores throughout its narrative. This film led to Dhanush’s second National Award for Best Actor. Asuran deals with a very sensitive topic, such as the caste discrimination that is seen in India. Based on real-life incidents, which sees landlords stealing lands from people belonging to a lower community and killing them if they disobeyed. This film is now being remade as Naarappa in Telugu, with Venkatesh in the lead role.

7. Veliilla Pattadhari (VIP)

7 Best Movies Of Dhanush

Popularly known as Raghuvaran in Telugu, VIP has a massive fanbase for showing the state and struggle of engineers in its truest sense. It is also beloved for its organic comedy and the way that every person can connect to Dhanush’s Raghuvaran character in the film.

8. Kaadhal Kondein

8 Best Movies Of Dhanush

A one of a kind film, Kaadhal Kondein is a psychological thriller, which explores how an academically well-performing orphan turns into a psychopath after falling in love. Dhanush’s portrayal is haunting till the end and highly impressionable as well. The film was directed by Dhanush’s brother Selva Raghavan and was such a resounding success that it was remade in several languages, including in Telugu, as Nenu, with Allari Naresh in the lead role.

9. Pudhupettai

9 Best Movies Of Dhanush

A political drama directed by Selva Raghavan, Pudhupettai explores the life of an orphan who gets drawn into local politics and how it affects his life. While not based on a real story, several aspects of the film run deeper than fiction.

10. Raanjhanaa

10 Best Movies Of Dhanush

This film marked the debut of Dhanush in the Hindi Film industry, and he made his debut with a bang. Raajnhanaa is another epic love story, and Dhanush lives in the character of Kundan. His love and longing for Zoya are unparalleled, and the extents that he goes to just o be with her are both obsessive and epic. How Dhanush manages to be obsessive, relatable and caring at the same time is something that needs to be witnessed first-hand.

11. Karnan

11 Best Movies Of Dhanush

The very recently released Karnan is another acting masterpiece from Dhanush. Once again, dealing with the sensitive yet important topic that is caste oppression in India, Karnan is the story of a young man who decides to go against decades of oppression. It is the story of a man who wants to make sure that the people of his village, who belong to a marginalised community, get the rights they deserve. Dhanush gives a performance that will leave a lasting impact on you.

12. Three (3)

12 Best Movies Of Dhanush

Another psychological romantic thriller, 3, explores the love story between Janani and Ram and how Janani tries to figure out the reasons behind Ram’s suicide. Upon investigating, Janani gets to know a bitter truth about Ram, which is the reason for his suicide. This film is a must-watch, especially in the current day scenario, given how increasingly relevant mental health issues have become. The film also marked the debut of Aishwarya R Dhanush, Dhanush’s wife and Rajnikanth’s daughter, as a writer and director.

13. Polladhavan

13 Best Movies Of Dhanush

Which man doesn’t love his bike, especially the one he bought with his hard-earned money? Polladhavan is the tale of a man who goes in search of his favourite and lucky bike after it’s stolen. Where the bike lands up and how the hero manages to get it back forms the rest of the story. Polladhavan became so famous when it released that it started a whole new trend of the youth rushing to buy Bajaj Pulsar. That’s the effect that the film and Dhanush’s performance in the film had on the audience.

14. Thanga Magan

14 Best Movies Of Dhanush

While not a critical darling, Thanga Magan performed decently at the box office. The film is a romantic action entertainer, in which the hero tries to uncover the reason behind his father’s suicide and how he uncovers the truth in the end. He also goes through a bad breakup with his first love, when they envision different futures for themselves, but he ends up falling in love with his wife, after their wedding, eventually leading a happy life with her.