All is not well between Dil Raju and this director?

Vakeel Saab director Venu Sriram has been working under the production of Dil Raju since his debut. Venu’s first film Oh My Friend which had its release in 2011 was also made under Dil Raju’s production house. Later, after almost six years break, the director’s second film, MCA was also produced by Dil Raju.

Pawan Kalyan’s comeback film, Vakeel Saab, was also made in the combination of this director-producer duo. After Vakeel Saab’s release, Dil Raju in a media interaction confirmed that he is going to make a film with Venu Sriram soon.

But the latest developments indicate that the director is not happy with Dil Raju’s behaviour and planning to walk out of the camp. Reportedly, after Vakeel Saab’s release, Venu Sriram has been getting good offers from other production houses and he has decided to break the chain and do films in other banners.

Though the exact reason behind Venu Sriram’s exit from Dil Raju’s compound is yet to be out, inside sources reveal that a difference of opinion between the director and producer regarding remuneration is the main reason behind Venu Sriram’s key decision.

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