All eyes turn towards Thank You with hope

Every film that’s been released in Telugu for the past week has been a major disappointment for everyone, especially the producers, and filmmakers in general, as no film has been able to make it big in the theatres post the release of films like RRR and KGF 2.

While ticket prices are one thing that are keeping audiences from going to the theatre to watch a film, it’s the kind of content htat’s being produced, which is another reason. Moreover, the fact that every film that’s getting a theatrical release is getting an OTT release very soon, which is thereby nullifying the necessity to go to a theatre. However, despite all of this, filmmakers are now hoping that Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming film, Thank You, directed by Vikram Kumar, will be able to turn the tables.

The film has managed to generate a very good buzz, especially post the release of the trailer, which showcases a very sensitive and sensible story. Here’s hoping that the movie will change the scene for Tollywood.

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