All eyes turn towards Koratala for answers now

Director Koratala Siva has never been a very vocal person,r regarding anything. He isn’t even present on any social media platform either and only appears in public when promoting his films. The director was at the forefront during the promotions of his film Acharya and vigorously promoted the film along with the leads Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. However, the director has been very tight-lipped about the film following its disastrous result.

The movie turned out to be a huge disaster, and while Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan are said to have returned their remunerations, the entire financial stress fell on Koratala’s shoulders, as he was the one who took over the rights of the film prior to its release. The producer decided to bear the GST expenses, while everything else came down to Koratala.

There have been several rumors regarding the matter, with some saying that the director is selling his private properties to make up for the debts and more. Despite so many rumors, and despite the fact that his film with NTR is not taking off primarily due to these financial concerns, everyone is now expecting the director to break his silence and release a statement.

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