Alia and Ranbir to Star in Nitesh Tiwari’s Upcoming Film?

  • June 8, 2023 / 08:00 PM IST

Netizens are criticizing Nitesh Tiwari for choosing Alia Bhatt over Sai Pallavi for his ‘Ramayana’ casting.

According to recent media sources, Nitesh Tiwari’s impending mythical drama “Ramayana” has been postponed indefinitely due to the enthusiastic and widespread hype surrounding “Adipurush.” The long-awaited movie, which stars Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Kriti Sanon, is almost ready to hit theatres on June 14. When word of its postponement first spread online, the fact that Alia Bhatt would be paired with Ranbir Kapoor upset internet users.

Internet users criticized the director for the film’s poor casting while “Ramayana” producer Madhu Mantena was quick to deny the allegations of its postponement. For those who are unfamiliar, Sai Pallavi, a phenomenon in the South, was previously announced to star opposite RK as Sita in Nitesh Tiwari’s film.

The producer of “Ramayana,” Madhu Mantena, was criticized by internet users for the film’s poor casting although she was eager to deny the claims of its delay. For those who are unaware, South phenomenon Sai Pallavi was previously in the headlines for her role as Sita opposite RK in Nitesh Tiwari’s film.

A netizen recently posted a screenshot of news headlines regarding the movie “Ramayana,” which stars Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor.“News about Ramayana changes from ‘indefinitely postponed’ to ‘Alia Bhatt playing lead’ within hours. Was Sai Pallavi really dropped so suddenly or is someone’s PR pushing this?”

“At the risk of being trolled but Alia and Ranbir have ZERO chemistry. I was trying hard to convince myself of some chemistry during Brahmastra but couldn’t find any. Sai Pallavi and RK’s would have been a fresh pairing plus she would look the part.”

A second user wrote, “Regardless of Hindi belt clout, going from Sai Pallavi to Aloo is a huge step-down,” while a third one said, “Alia Bhatt snatching projects from other actresses. Reduced fees, aggressive PR, misusing connections etc. This industry is in the dumps.”

A fourth netizen wrote, “This Nepo star is legit grabbing every single chance out there. Like, she is winning all these awards for, like, mediocre acting. I mean, seriously, this KJO daddy is totally making sure she stays on top, no matter how average she is.”

“Is Alia going to hijack and let herself into every single project of Ranbirs?”

Ramayana would reportedly also star KGF star Yash as “Ravan” in addition to Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. Around Diwali, an official announcement is anticipated, and by December, production is most likely to begin on the movie.

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